FFXV - Nuevos videos, película y fecha de lanzamiento

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Re: FFXV - Nuevos videos, película y fecha de lanzamiento

Mensaje por Bahamut » 23 Nov 2016, 00:46

Os dejo unas impresiones de un compi de Neogaf que ya se lo ha pasado. No contienen spoilers sobre la trama pero si no estáis seguros no las leáis:
Spoiler: mostrar
XV is my favorite game of the year, and I had a lot of fun with it. The problem is that it had potential to be one of my favorite games of all time, it just needed more time and a clearer vision.

Yeah gameplay is good for the most part.

Overall I prefer the chapter from 9 onwards over the open world chapters.

What I meant by the infinite comparison is that the story feels like a mishmash of half-assed ideas. You can sense the development issues and the one thousand rewritings everytime a cutscene starts.

See, I thought the game's plot was a disjointed but the final chapter was perfect, like, really really well done.And the ending.... oh boy.. the CG was beautiful enough in itself

Wait, people didn't like the set-pieces? I throughly enjoyed each one of them, wished there were more!

I finished the game in a total of 25 hours. Admittedly, I didn't do much of the side content, and I was rushing a little bit since I have midterms next week, but I did a few (reached Rank 4 in hunts), and never skipped a dialogue or a cutscene. (Don't know what difficulty he was playing on, seeing how he was rushing I'm guessing easy)

Anyway, Can't remember how many bosses were in the game (and not sure what exactly qualify as a boss, some are very strong monesters, others have their own parry animations and little set-pieces), but there was a good amount, then there's the hunts.

Didn't encounter any ultimate weapons, didn't even get the whole royal arms set, there's a few tombs for me to find out later. I plan to dig into the post game content soon, but not in the next few days. I can see myself playing the game for a hundred hours more.

I think the game has easily the best dungeons in the series. Even the mines/caves differs from each other with unique environmental hazards and traps.